Countryside Pest Control

img_fox2.jpgFoxes are the main carrier of mainge and distemper and can carry fleas to cats and dogs. Foxes can be a threat to poultry and young livestock.

img_deer.jpgDeer can cause damage to trees, woodland flora and wildlife habitats. Browsing damage can be caused to trees and plants. Some species of deer will eat tree bark. Although occasional deer don't cause an issue on crop, large numbers can be an problem. Market gardeners & commercial fruit growers can suffer considerable damage and loss. DJM can offer humane culling of deer as part of overall deer management. Deer straying onto roads can also be a problem that needs dealt with.

img_mole.jpgMoles Moles and their burrowing can cause contamination of silage with soil, covering pasture lands with fresh soil reducing size and yield, occasional damage to agricultural machinery via exposing stones, damage to young plants as a result of soil disturbance, weed problems and negative effects on drainage and watercourses.

img_squirrels.jpgSquirrels cause a lot of damage to trees through their seasonal stripping of the bark and degradation to tree value and tree life. DJM aim to reduce squirrel populations to acceptable levels within rural habitats.

img_rabbit.jpgRabbits & Hares' eating habits can cause problems with crops and young tree plantations. Both can be dealt with in a number of ways if you are having issues with them on your land.

weasel.jpgWeasel, Stoats & Mink will take chicken, duck, fish and game birds. Mink are waterside animals which hunt on both land and water. Cage trap is the preferred method of dealing with them.

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