slider_6.jpgWasps are beneficial in that they eat smaller pests and remove dead insects, however their stings are both painful and dangerous for those people with allergies to the sting. A wasp will sting repeatedly (NB a bee will sting only once). You will find them in ground and tree hollows, eves, attic spaces, sheds etc. They start building in Spring.

You will see large numbers of wasps going in and out of a nest at the beginning and end of the day. You might also be able to see a nest in the process of being constructed.

A wasp sting can be treated with alcohol, ammonia or a cold poultice. Anti-histamine cream and/or oral anti-histamine after this often suffices. Stings in the mouth or neck require medical assistance immediately or if symptoms are unusually pronounced.

Although wasps and their colonies perform an import role in controlling other predators, should their nests be in a location that is threatening they need to be dealt with. Advice is to NEVER try to destroy a wasps nest unless you are trained in the practice. Please contact us now on 0774 912 7893 or 01389 742109 and we will deal with it effectively and safely.