Domestic Pest Control

img_wasp0.jpgWasps We also deal with Ants, Wasps & wasp nests and a range of other insects. View our wasps next removal page.

img_mole.jpgMoles can be gassed with Aluminium Phosphide or trapped. This takes skill, experience and patience. They create between 15 and 20 tunnels a day. They prefer moist, wetter soil. Moles if left to their own devices will devastate lawns, gardens, verges etc. They are indiscriminate to what property they upturn from domestic lawns, bowling greens, golf courses to the farmers arable land where the population can explode if uncontrolled.

img_squirrels.jpgSquirrels can do a lot of damage in the garden and considerable damage if they get in to your loft. Red squirrels are protected; grey squirrels are not. With the increase in grey squirrel numbers they have displaced our native red squirrel to the point of rarity. The grey squirrel has become so tame they live along side humans in our towns and citys only to become pests in and around bins and food resources. They take up home in our attics and build nests in the insulation. Trapping and removal for disposal is the preferred method.

img_rabbit.jpgRabbits' eating habits cause us a problem with our crops and gardens or with them burrowing under expensive turfs, digging up lawns and plants etc. Fumigating is the most efficient method of resolving the problem. Other methods tend to deal with small numbers at a time and are less humane. 


img_fox.jpgFoxes are the main carrier of mainge and distemper. The urban fox has no predators and have been known to enter houses in their search for food. Now you will find there are more urban problems for example with regard to racing pigeons, pet rabbits, guinea pigs and even pet cats being killed, bins are up turned, even young children can be at risk. We have many years of controlling fox and these skills are used in eliminating the problem.

img_rat.jpgRats are a health hazard & a serious risk to public health. They carry many different diseases mostly passed on through human ingestion of food or water contaminated with rat faeces. They can have six litters a year, can chew through power cables causing a fire hazard and will east almost anything. Control and eradication of rats requires skill and patience and trapping or poison are the usual remedies. Rodent control in and around your property is essential and the dangers posed are something which many people tend to ignore.

mouse.jpgMice - apart from disease, the mouse will cause damage when in your property. The damage potential of mice is highly under estimated and can be extremely expensive. Since the introduction of plastic water, heating & gas pipes, more and more properties are having to pay for very expensive repairs since mice can nibble through plastic pipes with ease.

img_pigeon.jpgBirds Crows, Magpies, Pigeon etc also cause problems. Bird and Pigeon spikes are the recommended deterrent of the RSPB and the humane way of dealing with the problem, but there are also other methods of control.  Mink will take chicken, duck, fish and game birds. Mink are waterside animals which hunt on both land and water. Cage trap is the preferred method of dealing with them.