Industrial Pest Control

img_cockroach.jpgCockroaches can survive a long time without food and so can be difficult to get rid of totally. However, common in kitchens, they are carriers of disease and must be eradicated from homes, commercial and industrial premises.

bedbugs.jpgBedbugs are something that can occur in domestic homes and in commercial premises such as bed and breakfast accommodation and hotels. They don't necessarily reflect your own or your organisation's attention to hygiene. They require careful and detailed attention to eliminate. We offer a discreet service to eliminate bedbugs.

ants.jpgAnts cause more of a nuisance in many settings rather than being a problem as such, although certain types of ants can be a health issue in certain settings.

DJM will deal with Flies, Mosquitoes and a variety of flying and crawling insects.  Call us!